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How to Emotionally Recover from a Divorce

How To Emotionally Recover From a Divorce

Even the most amicable of divorces can take a toll on your emotional well-being. The feeling of being rejected and hurt, on top of the stress that naturally comes along with making a huge life change, can be overwhelming. At the end of the actual divorce process, you are likely to still feel sad, hurt, and unsure of how to move forward. Here’s how to emotionally recover from a divorce: 1. Acknowledge that the loss is real. Going through a divorce is not unlike a loved one dying. When...

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What Is a Sex Therapist?

What is a Sex Therapist?

There are many different types of therapy, but one many people might not be familiar with is sex therapy. A sex therapist is a therapist who specializes in helping individuals and couples with sexual concerns within the context of relationships. Sex Therapists have chosen this area of focus as their specialization and have additional training in the area of sexual health and relationships in comparison to other therapists. Going to a sex therapist is akin to seeing a dermatologist when you...

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10 Ways to Be a Good Husband

10 Ways to Be a Good Husband

You already know that relationships are difficult. Marriage takes work. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t wonderful and rewarding, just that working on your relationship does not end when you get married. Too many people go into marriage believing it to be the culmination of their relationship. Once they are married, the relationship is set in stone and they will not have to spend any more time or energy making sure it still works. Anyone who has been married can tell you this is simply not...

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10 Ways To Be a Good Wife

10 Ways To Be A Good Wife

If you don’t think that marriage is tough, you probably haven’t been married very long. Marriage doesn’t have to be difficult and it doesn’t have to be as much of a downer as your relatives warned you it would be when you got married, but that doesn’t mean it’s a breeze, either. Here are ten ways to be a good wife: 1. Say something when something is wrong. Your husband or long-term partner isn’t a mind reader. If you don’t want to go to that restaurant, you have to tell...

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What Is Narcissism and How To Identify It?


You might think that you would be able to spot a narcissist as soon as you meet them, but it’s not always readily apparent that someone is obsessed with themselves, even years after knowing that person. They can be charming and even seemingly compassionate, so much so that you brush off little signs that they are actually just preoccupied with themselves. By the time that you have already started a relationship with this person, you might be completely blind to the reality that they are a...

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10 Ways to Get Over a Breakup

Get Over a Breakup

Even if the relationship was going south anyway, actually ending it can be hard. It’s even more difficult when you thought things were going great and discovered that the other party didn’t agree and wanted to cut off the relationship. Instead of wallowing in grief at the dissolution of your relationship, it’s time to move on and start getting back to normalcy. Here are ten ways to get over a breakup that might actually make it possible to stop thinking about your ex-partner: 1. Remove...

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9 Ways to Set Boundaries with Difficult Family Members

difficult family members

Sometimes, the people that it is the most difficult to set boundaries with are the people to whom you are the closest. Even if your family is relatively happy and functional, there might still be members of that family that routinely cross the line or that simply treat you in a way that you would prefer not to be treated. Many people will play the role of the people pleaser with their families, but if there are members of your family that are being difficult and that are cutting into your...

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10 Ways to Improve My Sex Life

ways to improve my sex life

When you first connect with a new partner, there are plenty of hot, passionate moments. As you continue your relationship, the heat starts to die down a little bit. Not only can this start to cause tension in a relationship, it can also start to cause anxiety and stress in the individual partners who are in that relationship. If you have started to feel like your sex life is a little boring or lacking, read up.  This hot and steamy blog offers ten things those looking for ways to improve my...

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7 Ways to Get Over a Breakup

ways to get over a breakup

Breaking up, even when you know it’s the right decision for all parties involved, is never easy. When the breakup goes badly, there may be hurt feelings, on top of a sense that you have wasted time or that your someone special was not who you thought they were. If you had been together long enough to make future plans, the dismantling of those future plans is especially painful. Many couples are committed to remaining friends, but seeing someone move on without can be just as painful as a bad...

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Why Couples Fight and How to Fight Better, Not Less

couples fight better

Most couples argue, it's part of being in a relationship and not seeing eye to eye one hundred percent of the time.  To me, that's okay.  Sharing a difference of opinion means you feel comfortable expressing yourself, and as long as you aren't screaming at one another and throwing profanities around then fighting is okay.  Consider it part of the territory of being in a relationship, no matter your sexual orientation or preference. No two people in a healthy relationship are not going to...

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