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Intimacy and Relationship Concerns

Intimacy and Relationship Concerns Philadelphia

What does it mean to have intimacy and relationship concerns?

Relationships change over time and these changes occur for a number of reasons. Anyone in a committed relationship can experience concerns when it comes to the relationship, and intimacy is oftentimes connected to relationship concerns. These concerns extend to all types of relationships, including the polyamory and lifestyle identifying couples.

Relationship concerns might be due to an increase in fighting, a breakdown in communication, differences in child-rearing approaches, financial concerns or issues related to dealing with the extended family.

Intimacy concerns might be due to lack of desire for sex, disease burden in a partner, premature ejaculation, excessive want for sex or conflicting feelings about pornography.

Relationship and intimacy concerns do not occur in a vacuum. Even if one type of concern initially dominates within the relationship, eventually concerns in one category infiltrate the other.  If the problem started in the bedroom, then fighting might escalate outside of the bedroom.  Conversely, if fighting is on the rise in the relationship, then couples might emotionally and physically distance themselves from each other in the bedroom. In time, emotional and intellectual connectivity to your partner (and maybe even yourself) becomes jeopardized.

Both new relationships and long-standing relationships can experience concerns and challenges when it comes to the relationship and how to create intimacy. Whether you are in a new relationship or you’ve been with your partner, spouse or loved one(s) for years, if you are experiencing intimacy and relationship concerns, it’s time to discuss your concerns with a therapist. If you and your significant other believe the relationship is worth saving, it’s time to schedule your first appointment with Cope Better Therapy.

Why do couples have intimacy and relationship concerns?

Couples have intimacy concerns for a number of reasons.  Sometimes other priorities get in the way like jobs, goals, life events or illness. Lots of times parenthood fragments a once healthy relationship; as blissful couples have children,  fulfilling the role of parent slowly supersedes the role of being a husband, wife or partner. Other times people slowly drift apart or, contrarily, money becomes a stress point and disrupts even the healthiest relationships.

As sex fades so does that feeling of connection, and soon your spouse feels like a stranger.

Relationships take work, every day. It’s easy to lose that connection with the person you fell in love with, and while it might take some work to connect again, it is possible.

Should I talk with a therapist about my intimacy and relationship concerns?

If you feel unhappy in your relationship, it’s time to talk with a therapist regarding your concerns. Having an honest conversation about the factors that contributed to your current unhappiness is the first step towards healing your relationship.  With guidance and support, learn how to reconnect with your partner. Schedule your first appointment today.

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