What is remote therapy?

Attend therapy from the comfort of your home or office

What is remote therapy?

In response to Covid, providers moved online to provide safe, secure and HIPAA compliant therapy. As health concerns remain in response to the pandemic and fluctuating nature of Covid, Cope Better Therapy is now a full-time remote therapy provider.

Remote therapy reduces barriers to therapy (like parking and commuting) and conveniently fits into your schedule. Everyone is busy . Competing priorities are a way of life.  Remote therapy makes getting to session and participating in session EASY.

Sign on to your device and login. It’s really that simple.

No more commutes.  No more parking issues.  No more running from one end of the city to the other. No more battling rain, snow or sticky summer humidity!   Do everything from your home or office with remote therapy.



Remote therapy connects YOU with Cope Better Therapy with click of a button.

You’re busy, we get it.  Consider remote therapy-  convenient therapy to convenience you.

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Benefits of Remote Therapy


  • Accessible for anyone
  • Convenient for everyone
  • Optimize the hours in your day
  • Eliminate travel  and other commuter related concerns

What People Have Said About Remote Therapy

“With school and my part-time job, getting into the city is tough! With remote therapy, I have more time for me… and homework. It works out great!”

– Jayne, Satisfied Remote Therapy Client