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How to Cope With Tax Season Stress

How to Cope with Tax Season Stress Cope Better Therapy

While the New Year is always a time of celebration and hope for better things to come, it also means tax season is here, and this reality brings with it stress for both accountants and for taxpayers. While the longer work hours and heavier work load is very taxing for accountants during tax season, for the taxpayers themselves it is the worry over owing the government a lot in back taxes that is usually the biggest source of stress, and let us not forget thefear of a tax...

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How to Give Back and Donate to a Cause in 2021

how to give back

With the new year here, I've been thinking a lot about 2020, a year everyone is eager to leave behind. There's no doubt last year brought up feelings of uncertainty, scarcity, fear, anger and angst for almost everyone. A worldwide pandemic forced us to evaluate our personal priorities, scale back on social gatherings and make tough choices, like choosing to do what is necessary (instead of what we want) for the greater good of others and our own well-being. Social and racial inequalities...

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Self-Care Tips to Practice at Home While Social Distancing

express gratitude

Article originally appeared in Redfin at published on March 30, 2020 - By Emily Huddleston As the world continues to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, health officials are recommending social-distancing and self-quarantine practices to slow the spread of the disease. This means, for the foreseeable future, we’ll be spending a lot more time at home. Our daily routines will shift, we’ll be without the face-to-face...

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COVID-19 Notice

March 13, 2020 Dear Patients, I hope you are all well and safe at home with your loved ones. As a safety precaution, I have decided to close my office until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic as of March 13, 2020. The unfortunate reality is that, at this time I am unsure when I will be able to re-open my office. We are all at the mercy of this quickly growing pandemic. All current patients will be contacted and moved to Cope Connect, my remote therapy service, to safeguard...

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7 Ways to Overcome Anxiety at the Doctor’s Office

7 Ways to Overcome Anxiety at the Doctor's Office

Going to the doctor’s office is not a walk in the park for anybody, but for some people, it can be a real source of anxiety. Does your stomach start tying up in knots and you start to panic when you even think about making a doctor’s appointment, let alone actually walking into the office? Avoiding going to the doctor’s will only put your health at risk so you need to address your anxiety now. Here are 7 ways to overcome anxiety at the doctor’s office and it starts with this first...

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Signs and Symptoms of Chronic Disease

signs and symptoms of chronic disease

Being sick is no fun, and being constantly sick can take an emotional toll. Not getting better or having a repeated occurrence of symptoms can be exhausting and frustrating, not to mention concerning. If you find yourself sick for an extended period of time, there may be something more going on than a passing virus or cold. This blogs discusses the signs and symptoms of chronic disease and what you can do about it. A chronic disease is one that sticks around for three months or more. There...

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What Is a Sex Therapist?

What is a Sex Therapist?

There are many different types of therapy, but one many people might not be familiar with is sex therapy. A sex therapist is a therapist who specializes in helping individuals and couples with sexual concerns within the context of relationships. Sex Therapists have chosen this area of focus as their specialization and have additional training in the area of sexual health and relationships in comparison to other therapists. Going to a sex therapist is akin to seeing a dermatologist when you...

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How Positive Thinking Can Improve Your Life

How Positive Thinking Can Improve Your Life

We won’t go so far as to say that positive thinking can cure cancer or even just the common cold, but that doesn’t mean that positive thinking won’t tangibly improve your life. While most people would agree that it is better to be positive than to be negative, few people actually put any tangible effort into thinking positively in their everyday lives. It’s easy to be positive about the good things in your life and then to let your attitude lapse when something starts to go wrong....

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What Is Narcissism and How To Identify It?


You might think that you would be able to spot a narcissist as soon as you meet them, but it’s not always readily apparent that someone is obsessed with themselves, even years after knowing that person. They can be charming and even seemingly compassionate, so much so that you brush off little signs that they are actually just preoccupied with themselves. By the time that you have already started a relationship with this person, you might be completely blind to the reality that they are a...

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9 Ways to Set Boundaries with Difficult Family Members

difficult family members

Sometimes, the people that it is the most difficult to set boundaries with are the people to whom you are the closest. Even if your family is relatively happy and functional, there might still be members of that family that routinely cross the line or that simply treat you in a way that you would prefer not to be treated. Many people will play the role of the people pleaser with their families, but if there are members of your family that are being difficult and that are cutting into your...

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