Cope Couch

Therapy for self-improvement and personal growth

Therapy is more than an appointment.

Therapy is a choice to create positive change in your life and a promise to yourself to create change one step at a time. Cope Couch is your time to carve out goals and create a treatment plan that makes sense for you.

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With Cope Couch, you schedule a time with your therapist and travel to the office for your appointment. Once there, you receive an hour of undivided attention and the opportunity to be heard in a safe and confidential environment. Cope Couch is your time to discuss what’s important to you and explore new ways to cope in a complicated world.

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Benefits of Mental Health Therapy


  • Improves mood
  • Improves day to day coping
  • Stress reduction
  • Solution-focused support

What People Have Said About Therapy With Cope Better

“Having therapy at Cope Better helped me set boundaries with my job.  I use to work through lunch and now I have therapy over my lunch hour.  Doing this provides me with much needed respite from my stressful job.”

– Paul, happy client