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8 Most Popular Types of Yoga

types of yoga philadelphia mindfulness

Yoga is becoming more and more popular, not only as a method of exercise, but also as a practice in meditation and mindfulness. If you are just starting to research yoga, you might not know that there are many different types of yoga. Finding the type of yoga that helps you reach your goals and achieve a stronger, more limber body while promoting a calmer, more centered mind can be extremely beneficial. Here are the eight most popular types of yoga. 1. Hatha If you see a yoga class that does...

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10 Ways to Relieve Stress for Business Owners

relieve stress for business owners philadelphia

Anyone who owns a business is going to get stressed. Business owner stress is simply part of owning a business, even when that business is going well — perhaps especially if that business is going well. Here are ten of the best ways to relieve stress for business owners. 1. Make a list of what is going well. A lot of entrepreneur stress is going to come from worry about the trajectory of your business. Even just one day of lower than average sales can make you worry that your business is...

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8 Signs You’ve Found the Right Therapist

the right therapist phildelphia

It can be difficult to know, especially at the beginning, that you have found the right therapist for you. There is a difference between a good therapist and a therapist who is right for you. The first person you meet with might end up not being a good fit. The second, third, and fourth therapists might not be a good fit. Here are eight signs you should look for that will help you know that you have found the right therapist for you. 1. They do not sound like a television therapist. We’ve...

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What Is Survivor Guilt and How To Help Those Who Suffer From It


On June 12, 2016, a gunman killed 49 people and injured 53 others inside Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, FL. The gunman was killed by Orlando police after a three-hour standoff. It was the deadliest mass shooting by a single gunman in the U.S., and the deadliest incident of violence against LGBT people in the U.S. The massacre was widely denounced both as an act of terrorism and a hate crime.* Of the 53 people that survived, many are now experiencing what's known as survivor guilt. What...

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What It Means To Hold Space For Someone

to hold space

To be a good therapist Years ago I had a professor who said, "If you want to be a good therapist you need to do two things." "One, be nice." "Two, read existential philosophy." "That's it!" Each time he said this, the class would chuckle and I would join them, not reflecting too deeply on such a statement. Eight years later I enrolled in a clinical refresher course with this same professor, who, again, started class with the same statement. "If you want to be a good therapist...

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My Experience At A Russian-Turkish Spa

Russian Turkish Spa Philadelphia

When is the last time you relaxed? As April is Stress Awareness Month, I made plans with friends to recharge.  We've all been feeling stressed and choose to relax by going to a Russian-Turkish Bathhouse.  Personally, I've never been to one before, but one friend in our group had and volunteered to show us around. Inspired by my experience, I wanted to share it with you. Russian-Turkish Spa: A full sensory experience I've been to spas, hot springs and saunas all over the world, including...

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Show Stress You Are In Charge During Stress Awareness Month


Stress, ugh. It's likely a feeling you know well, right? Stress might manifest as tension in your shoulders and upper back. It may be the cause of an inexplicable and unpredictable stomach ache.  Stress might also explain why you feel so tired, are quick to anger or get agitated with people around you. Stress looks and feel different for everyone, but generally when you feel stressed, you know it because it's pretty much the opposite of feeling happy and carefree. I read an article...

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How To Organize Your Day

organize your day

To Do Lists. Do you have too much to do?  Do you feel like you're never going to finish everything on your list? We've all been there, and while our To Do lists are unending, there's a simple way to organize your day. If you like good ole' fashion pen and paper, write out your To Do List. If prefer digital lists, then type your endless list into Apps like Cheddar, Momentum, Out of Milk, Colornote, Carrot, Google Tasks or whatever digital tracking program you prefer. Now, look at...

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Five Stress Busting Tips At Your Fingertips

stress tips

Stress is a part of everyday life, but how we manage stress is our choice. It’s easy to worry, feel overwhelmed and powerfulness over situations.  When stress peaks, use of (or all) of the techniques below to find focus and think more clearly.  Best of all, these stress busting resources are at your fingertips in any scenario. 1. People who get you.  Whether it’s a friend of many years, someone you recently met, someone you love or someone you work with, connect with someone with...

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3 Tips on Dealing with Adversity in Life

dealing with adversity

Life is filled with many unexpected challenges and adversity that can trigger a myriad of emotions, including stress and helplessness. There are healthy ways to manage these emotions and create growth within.  Here are 3 tips that will help you deal with life's unexpected adversity. 1. Ask yourself what can I learn from this situation? While our days may have some degree of predictability, it’s not uncommon to encounter unfamiliar events. When faced with situations that feel...

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