Cope Connect

Get therapy from the comfort of your home

What is Cope Connect?

Cope Connect is branch of online and phone-based counseling services offered through Cope Better Therapy Services.

While Cope Couch offers in-office therapy sessions, Cope Connect offers therapy from the comfort of your own home or office. Cope Connect is a great option for busy parents, business executives who travel and people who struggle with a chronic illness like cancer, HIV or other conditions that make leaving home difficult to nearly impossible at times.  Cope Connect is also great for caregivers who might need to be near family or loved ones, but who also want to receive counseling for caregiver related concerns.


With Cope Connect you can stay in your home and have remote therapy with a Philadelphia based therapist.

You’re busy, I understand. Consider Cope Connect – convenience therapy to convenience you.

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Benefits of Remote Therapy


  • Makes therapy accessible for anyone
  • Great for busy parents, caregivers or entrepreneurs
  • Eliminates travel to and from the therapy office
  • Get therapy when it’s convenient for you
  • Address your concerns from the comfort of your home
  • Get therapy when traveling

What People Have Said About Remote Therapy

“Between a full-time job, three kids and walking the dog, I rarely have time for myself. With Cope Connect I have therapy while my husband is on bath duty with the kids. It works out great for me and my relationship with my husband is improving too. I highly recommend Cope Connect.”

– Janis, Satisfied Remote Therapy Client