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Cope Better Therapy helps you learn how to conquer anxiety, confront depression, reduce stress, and improve your mental well-being. Located in beautiful Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA, Cope Better Therapy is run by Philadelphia Therapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Lori O’Mara (formerly Lori Kovell). Lori specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MbSR), and Oncology Counseling, and is one of Philadelphia’s top cancer therapists.

Two unique programs built around your lifestyle

COPE Couch

COPE Couch
One-on-one therapy

Therapy shouldn’t feel scary. Cope Couch is personalized, one-on-one therapy that takes place in a private, safe and friendly office. With Cope Couch, you travel to the office for therapy and receive an hour of undivided attention in a private, safe and friendly office. Therapy is your time to talk about what's important to you.

COPE connect

Cope connect
Remote therapy via video chat

Cope Connect helps you get therapy from the comfort of your own home or private office through live-stream video sessions or a simple phone call. This is perfect for someone who is too busy for Cope Couch sessions, is coping with chronic health issues like cancer that limit travel, or struggles with anxiety or depression and cannot leave the house.

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Reduce stress. Conquer anxiety. Confront depression. Manage illness. Cope better.

more than

15 million

American adults suffer from depression every year*

an estimated

40 million

adults in the US are affected by an anxiety disorder*


14 million

people in the US are living with cancer**

*, **

Take control of your life.

Why It Works

See an improvement in your mental health and well-being today.

Feel Comfortable

Feel Comfortable

Cope Better Therapy provides a protected space for you to open up freely without feeling self-conscious or judged. Not only that, our standard of practice, governed by HIPPA, safeguards your privacy, ensuring that your treatment is confidential.

It's Effective

It's Effective

Get treatment options that are supported and verified by the licensed mental health community. Each treatment plan is individualized and tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Heal & Grow At Your Own Pace

Heal & Grow At Your Own Pace

Choose from a wide range of validated treatments at a pace that is comfortable for you. Select from a range of therapy options and pricing to help you grow in a way that works best for you lifestyle and budget.

How Can I Help You?

Are you feeling anxious, tired, worried, fearful, or overwhelmed? I can help you.

"Before working with Lori, I was so stressed all the time. She worked closely with me and helped me to learn effective stress management techniques that I could apply in any situation, which made a huge difference in my life. Thank you!"

Sarah, Happy Client

How It Works

Mental health therapy in Philadelphia, PA tailored to your lifestyle

1. Choose Care

Determine what type of care you need.

2. Choose a Program

Whether you prefer to visit my office or get therapy via video chat or phone, Cope Better Therapy has a program that fits your lifestyle.

3. Book

Book and appointment that fits in your schedule.

4. Assess

We’ll discuss what’s on your mind and then create a plan to meet your goals so you can live a fuller life.

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Cope Better Therapy

Lori provides counseling to adults and couples in a comfortable environment in Rittenhouse Square. Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MbSR), she helps individuals live fuller lives.


2047 Locust St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103


Please call 215-995-3156 for hours.

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